All Build Updates

A Complete list of all updates, easier if
you're looking for something in particular.




25th Nov '05 The Start Collected Starter Kit from Westfield Sportscars factory and had a visit
26th Nov '05 Chassis Tidied up and fitted Passenger footwell end panel
27th Nov '05 Fitted Driver's footwell end panel and test fitted tunnel sides
28th Nov '05 Drilled and dry fitted passenger side and floor
29th Nov '05 Fitted tunnel side, lowered floor, front floor and outer side panel - phew!
30th Nov '05 Drilled and fitted both side footwell panels
1st Dec '05 Fitted pedal assembly, drivers tunnel side, both floor panels and outer panel
2nd Dec '05 Tackled the rear interior panel, what a pig of a job
3rd Dec '05 Made some fuel tank straps, fitted clutch and handbrake cable (one end only)
16th Mar '06 Cut and fitted Carbon Fibre scuttle panel
28th Apr '06 Cycle wing Stays bolted up
13th May '06 Cut and fitted pedal cover plate & foot well blanking plate
30th Nov '05 Suspension Fitted Rear Wishbones, uprights, Shocks & Front wishbones, shocks and ARB
1st Dec '05 Messed about with the ARB again and fitted Steering rack and ball joints
2nd Dec '05 Front uprights, greased suspension bolts and cut steering rack
3rd Dec '05 Steering column upper section done today
5th Dec '05 Tightened up some of the suspension points and marked with Tippex
15th Dec '05 Got front hub bearing in and fitted to the stub axles
12th Feb '06 Got the wheels on and lowered off the build stands, looks very low
23rd May '06 Managed to coax the hub dust caps on today
27th Nov '05 Brakes Fitted Brake Master Cylinder and rear brake pipes around the diff
28th Nov '05 Front brake pipes were done today
2nd Dec '05 Routed brake lines down the tunnel but may change this later
3rd Dec '05 Trial fitted front brake calipers and fixed some "P" Clips along the brake lines
9th Dec '05 Re-fitted brake lines down the tunnel (with clearance measurements)
21st Dec '05 Received front disks and fitted one, also got rear brakes but they wouldn't fit
2nd Feb '06 Finally got my rear brakes sorted, golf ones from the Westfield factory
16th Feb '06 Fitted handbrake and connected up rear Aeroquips
16th Mar '06 Changed the spacers in my Front Calipers
9th Dec '05 Fuel System Routed Fuel lines down tunnel and around Diff to rear
19th Dec '05 Fuel Pump & Fuel filter fitted and connected to fuel line
6th Jan '06 Mounted the Fuel Regulator in the Diff area (see below)
11th Mar '06 Move fuel regulator to engine bay
27th Mar '06 Finished off Fuel lines
2nd Apr '06 Modified fuel sender unit
6th Jan '06 Transmission Installed Diff and fitted Half Shafts and lobro joints
13th Feb '06 Did the propshaft, Bellhousing & Gearbox with a bit of patience
17th May '06 Shortened and Mod'd Gearstick
15th Dec '05 Electrics Received wiring loom and ran it around the chassis (dry fit)
21st Dec '05 Fitted securing straps to car for loom & fitted extra wires for rear end
11th Mar '06 Wired up Alternator, Starter and feed to loom
14th Mar '06 Fitted Air temperature sensor
20th Mar '06 Made up dummy dash, started wiring it up & finished battery tray
26th Mar '06 More wiring of the Dash
29th Mar '06 Most of Dash done now and a link to switch diagrams, fitted horns
7th Apr '06 Fitted back carbon light housings with LED lights
11th Apr '06 Bolted on rear fog & reverse lights
15th Apr '06 Got the side repeaters on and working
23rd April '06 Wired up and fitted Wiper motor/arms
20th May '06 Made bracket for washer bottle and fitted
19th Feb '06 Bodywork Fitted rear arches and place bodywork on chassis
13 Mar '06 Trial fitted scuttle, bonnet and nosecone
21st Mar '06 Secured the rear end of the bodywork
26th Mar '06 Drilled Scuttle for fixing holes
27th Mar '06 Cut boot-box around the Roll-bar
1st Apr '06 Fitted nosecone and cut exhaust exit hole
30th Apr '06 Did the bonnet pins & Nosecone Grille
14th May '06 Obtained some Carbon arch guards and fitted them
21st May '06 Aligned bonnet and fitted the bonnet locks
3rd June '06 Fiberglassed some Bighead fixings to the cycle wings
4th June '06 Finished off the cycle wings and fitted them
5th Dec '05 Body Fittings Cut and fitted Mirrors to screen uprights whilst waiting for bits
24 Mar '06 Fitted Spare Wheel Carrier
2nd Apr '06 Fitted the Perishing Windscreen
21st Jan '06 Engine Picked up Engine and started to strip & Clean it
24th Jan '06 Picked up Throttle bodies, MBE & other bits from SBD
29th Jan '06 Cleaned and painted engine block
1st Feb '06 Fitted ARP Rod bolts and Alloy sump
2nd Feb '06 Modified Rocker cover breather hole
8th Feb '06 Removed and blocked up rear heater outlet on head
16th Feb '06 Picked up powder-coated cam cover
23rd Feb '06 Fitted Alloy Flywheel and put the engine in
24th Feb '06 Bolted on Throttle bodies, Alternator and Starter
4th Mar '06 Fitted Throttle linkage, Modded cam cover and fitted it
14th Mar '06 Modified cambelt backplate and tidied up wiring on injection
4th Apr '06 Installed a Mocal catch tank
9th Apr '06 Got the silocone hose fitted to the oil catch tank
8th Feb '06 Cooling Blocked up inlet manifold pipe, fitted Radiator and Thermostat
24th Feb '06 Modified the Thermostat for a bypass system
23rd Mar '06 Fitted bottom Silicon hoses
4th Apr '06 Designed & fitted Swirl/Header tank & top hoses
24th Feb '06 Exhaust Temp fitted the SBD Manifold to see if it fits
1st April '06 Cut hole for Exhaust through body
15th April '06 Fitted Exhaust mounting
21st April '06 Got car back with new Exhaust fitted
6th Dec '05 Interior Fitted the seat sub-frame to both Racing seats
29th April '06 Cut out Carbon Dashboard
6th May '06 Bit more dashboard and fitted edging to the tunnel top
27th May '06 Finally fitted dash and finished it off with a crashpad
4th June '06 Fabricated a new rear trim for bootbox/interior edge and fitted it
13th June '06 SVA Today I stuck loads of rubber bits on my car for SVA test
14th June '06 Pre SVA Mot check
15th June '06 SVA DAY, This is judgement day, see how I did
6th Dec '05 Mods Made a Battery tray for under the Dashboard for gel battery
2nd Feb '06 Modified Cam cover
25th Feb '06 Re-done the Battery try for under the Dashboard
17th May '06 Shortened and Mod'd Gearstick