Body Fittings

Not sure what to put into this part, I guess it's going to be bits that fit on the body!
mirrorsRunning out of things to do again so I tackled the side mirrors, this should give me more time when I'm back on track. The mirrors are simply held on with two self tapping screws (one countersunk). The supporting posts on the mirrors have to be cut approx in half to allow them to fit into the upright housing. The outer rim of the mirror (arrowed) also had to be filed down a bit at the powder-coating on the upright makes it too tight a fit.
The Spare Wheel Carrier, sounds an easy thing to install but trying to get a starter for the hole was difficult. I ended up shining a torch through the rear of the bodywork through the mounting clamps and just about got a starting point.
spare wheelnumberplate lightThen I poked a 10mm copper pipe through the clamps up to the bodywork and filed around the inside of it so as to get an even sized hole.
Although the body is square on the chassis and the wheels are equilateral to the arches, the holes for the carrier are not so I have had to offset the number plate to the right so it looks central viewing from the rear. The wire for the number plate light simply runs through the tubing and up to the rear of the number plate and voila, job done.

I knew I wasn't going to enjoy fitting the Windscreen and boy was I right. One of the annoying things about the Westfield is they still haven't got the fitting of the Windscreen to scuttle right and it's very frustrating.
fitting windscreenscreen fittingmounting screenThis should have been done by two people but with nobody about, I had to resort to other means, namely a bit of roof racking, tape and a block of wood.
No matter how much I measured it, I couldn't get it to match Westfield's measurements so it's a case of best fit scenario.
The Windscreen will NOT fit into the middle of the groove in the scuttle so you will have to fill it with some mastic/silicone which is nice ... NOT! Some builders have removed the screen surround, drilled and fitted a small bolt through the bottom of the frame and bolted this through the scuttle which pulls it up a bit. Not sure if I want to do that though!

The screen is in place as you can see so to finish it off, ther is a little strip called a fillet.
screen filletsealing screenwiper holesAfter a bit of a squeeze and push, I managed to fit it into the area behind the screen uprights. It needed a bit of a trim but looks ok.
Next was to drill the holes for the wipers to exit, these actually hold the fillet in place.
I used the spacer as a guide for the angle and drilled a 4mm hole, then removed it and dremmeled the hole in the scuttle out to the right size. Third pic shows the holes finished.  See Wipers for how I fitted them.