The Exhaust

Nice and shiney, cost a fortune but we all need one. Bolt it up and away we go surely
The Engine is in so time so see if the Exhaust fits.
This is an SBD Stainless 4-2-1 manifold which ends with a 2 3/4" exit which is rather large.
sbd exhausttrial fittoo longnice collectorBolted on the 4 primaries which just miss the chassis, then the 2 secondaries and ended up with an angles exit pipe. The secondaries are very long which means a very short silencer (which is on order from Simpson Exhausts).

This system now has to be sold as I have since found out that the front Anti roll bar touches the front of the engine so it has to be moved back by about 2" thus making this manifold useless ..... one step forward, three steps back as they say. I'll be back where I started before long.
At least I can use this to determine where to put a hole in my bodywork for when I get my new "Full System" from Simpsons in April.

Cut the holes for the exhaust, this was a bit more difficult especially as the bodywork was already on.
exit holehole trimmedI measured the bottom rail height from the floor and transferred it to the outside, then calculated how much room I had and equally transferred this.
Drilled many holes as usual and finished it off with a dremmel. This should give the Exhaust manufacturers (Simpsons) plenty of room to work with for fitting my exhaust with about 10mm around the hole for movement, heat dissipation.
Had a thought, how are Simpsons going to mount my exhaust - Doh! So had to fit the mounting pretty damn quick before it went up to them on Monday.
mounting holebracketready to fixI had to take the seats out AGAIN, it's like musical chairs with them at the moment. Popped an 8mm drill through from the inside to make a starting hole. Ensure you have it level when you do this otherwise the hole will end up in the wrong place.
Opened up the hole a bit but didn't like the gap so I found a suitable rubber seal in my box of tricks which fitted nice and snug. Bolted up the "L" shaped bracket and fitted a "Mini" rubber bobbin to mount the exhaust can on. Jobs a good'un.
As seen on the WSCC forum and on posters at the Stoneleigh kitcar show, I have now sorted my exhaust system.

on trailerall strapped upThese are a couple of pics of my car loaded up ready for the trip up to Simpsons. Never trailered a car in my life so this was an eye opening experience, I kept thinking a car was right up my A**e and it was .... MINE!. As you can see from the pics below, I made it there and back in one piece - lol

new manifoldlow exit7 inch canlarge exitfull systemThis is the Simsons made system which is custom made for my car. The pictures do not do it justice as the quality of finish is outstanding and it sounds gorgeous.

It's a 7" x 28" can with 2.75" final pipe in Stainless steel with a brushed finish on the can so you can only imagine what it sounds like, in fact, I may even take a video of it - lol.
One thing that disappointed me is that the no. 4 pipe is almost touching the chassis diagonal at the rear of the engine bay. I have contacted Simpsons and they may have a solution for me.