Cooling System

Everybody like to keep cool, this is how I kept my cool.
On the Inlet manifold from SBD, there is an inlet casting from the water pump outlet. I intend to use a minimal cooling system so I didn't need this so how to block it up was another mission. This is how I did it.
manifoldinlet manifoldthrottle bodiesPic 1 shows the inlet casting in place, nice if you need it but I don't, pic 2 shows how it's sealed with an "o" ring which makes life easier.
I used the cast to shape a piece of 3mm alloy, drilled out the fixing holes and bolted back into place. This should not only make it lighter but less cumbersome looking.

The Radiator was also installed today. I've used the Polo Radiator 1.0/1.3 litre but this was a thinner type. The mountings on the chassis did not however line up with the fixings on the Rad. I have seen some people use a plate to bridge the gap but I didn't want to do this as it does not look as nice and also I would worry it may slip over time.
fitting radrad fixingI bent the chassis brackets outwards to line up with the radiator, this actually cracked the powder-coating on one side so I will have to paint that bit over soon.
I've also fitted rubber spacers (20mm) to allow the bottom hose to bend around easier. Trying to start a thread into the radiator was a pain, but the bolts did find one eventually. I then fixed the top Rat mountings by lining them up centrally, checking the nose fitted ok and riveted them down.

Next was the Rad fan. I opted for a Pacet 11inch clubman kit which comes with a thermostatic switch, fixings etc. First job was to fit the fan to the Radiator with plastic ties.
cooling fan1cooling fan2cooling fan3cooling fan4cooling fan statAs I didn't fancy the idea of the serrated ties straps cutting through the core, I used a small section of washer tub over them (pic 1). I had to open up the gaps in the Rad first but it does give piece of mind.
Pic 3 shows where I mounted the Thermostatic switch. It had to be close to the top hose so the top Rad mounting was an ideal place. Two short M6 bolts and big washers should hold that nicely in place. Last pic shows back of installation done ready for the pipes to be fitted later.

The cooling is a minimal system which does not have a bypass system therefore I have had to modify the Thermostat.
thermostatThis is done by drilling 3 small holes (2.5mm) into the thermostat as shown left. It enables a small flow of water to bypass the stat thus saving any shock to the alloy head by having cold water suddenly introduced into the system when the stat does open. Simple cheap mod that save hundreds of pounds.
Got around to doing some pipe work today. Although I've had the top hose and two of the bottom ones, I needed the bit in between before I fitted it.
silicone hoseshosing2hosing3hosing4The top hose from the Thermostat to Rad, bottom hose from Water pump forward (U bend) and the elbow from Rad backwards came as a kit from Caterham. These fit perfectly as they are made for the same type of car. The rest of the pipes came from a company called Silicon Hoses.com.
I ran the pipes from the bottom Radiator outlet along the steering rack (pic1), 90 degree bend towards the water pump (pic3)and into the water pump via a "U" bend (pic4). There was a lot of movement though going past the fan belt/steering rack so I've supported it via an "L" shaped bracket fixed to the front of the block (just shown outlined in Pic2) and fixed to the pipes with a jubilee clip - Perfect. Pipes over the steering rack were tie-wrapped into place to the rack.
All I have to do now is find an Expansion tank to fit and I can complete the cooling system.
I've been looking around for an Expansion tank to fit my cooling system but couldn't find one that I wanted so thought about a Swirl pot/Header tank. There are plenty about but none had the outlet facing the way I wanted them so I DESIGNED ONE.
expansion tankThis is what I came up with. It's designed to bolt to the front diagonal and in line with the top hose to Radiator and is supposed to eradicate any air in the system via a swirling action as the water passes through it. It was made by the very nice people at AH Fabrications who I can't praise enough. If anybody want's the drawings in .pdf format, I can supply you with one.
expantion tank2expansion tank3Pic 1 shows it before fitting and the next 2 pics show it all hooked up. Looks ok don't you think? I'll keep you posted as to whether it works or not - lol. It's all looking very colour coded at the moment init?